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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Master Plan 2000 - English Translation

Campaign against the Jerusalem Master Plan 2000

During a press conference held on September 13, 2004, and in unprecedented move, the Israeli Mayor in Jerusalem, Mr. Uri Lupolianski, disclosed a master plan "Jerusalem 2000" for the City of Jerusalem to serve as a mandatory map for land use and a blueprint for other municipal planning purposes until the year 2020. The plan incorporates occupied East Jerusalem. The last time Israel approved a comprehensive plan for Jerusalem was in 1959. An attempt to issue a plan which incorporated occupied East Jerusalem was foiled in 1978. The public disclosure of the present master plan is politically and ideologically motivated, and comes at a time when Israel is precipitating its measures to undermine any future negotiations over the final status of the city. For the goal of scheme, as pronounced in the executive summary of the plan, is "to create a framework to proceed with the development of the "City of Jerusalem" as a capital for the state of Israel, as a center for the Jewish people and a seat for its government.” And “to achieve a long term goal which reflects the future vision for the city as conceived by the City’s ‘fathers’ ”.

The Coalition for Jerusalem in an attempt to counteract the proposed plan, has successfully translated the plan from Hebrew to English, produced a preliminary report on the implications of the plan on Occupied East Jerusalem, formulated the Coalition's position in a statement and a letter to the Quartet and provided activists with a power point presentation that illustrates the fact that if this plan is implemented it will put an end to possibility of Occupied East Jerusalem becoming the capital of the future Palestinian State.

For the English Translation of the plan, please follow this link:
Master Plan 2000 - English Translation